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My Little Pony Rainbow party

My 4 year old loves Rainbow Dash so I created a My Little Pony / Rainbow Dash birthday party for her that has rainbows and pinks.

My Little Pony Decor:

Guests were greeted with “Welcome to Ryleigh’s 4th birthday party” signs at both doors.

100_2414 100_2413

When they entered our Pony Palace, they saw a huge rainbow I made out of tissue paper to put over my fireplace. Then I made two clouds with gold sparkles with my daughter’s name and age on them. Every rainbow needs a pot of gold so at the end of our rainbow was a gold basket with treat bags in them along with a sign that says “Thanks for riding over to my party.”

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The cake table:

The cake table was set up with a large My Little Pony backdrop behind it with rainbow balloons. I also made a banner that says “Ryleigh” in pinks.

my little pony party 100_2458

We had two centerpieces: one with a rainbow, her name and two favorite ponies: Rarity and Rainbow Dash. I also make a centerpiece with Pinkie Pie in the center and two tiers to put pink heart shaped marshmallows on. (This was a huge hit)


Our plates and cups were rainbow colors to go along with our rainbow pony theme:

100_2435 100_2439

My Little Pony party food:

Our menu consisted of pony friendly foods like:

Rainbow dash jello cups

Flutter shys hay bails (rice crispy treats)

Rainbow Dash gold fish

Spikes Chicken nuggets

Pinkie pies Marshmallow pops

Chocolate bars

Applejacks juice

Twilight sparkles cookies (rainbow chip cookies)

Rarity sparkling water

My Little Pony Games and Activities:

After we ate, the children enjoyed the following activities and games:

Rarity hove parlor – a nail salon

100_2431 100_2430
Twilights tattoos – tattoos galore

We also had a Pin the mark on pinkie pie – game that was fun, but only came with 8 “Cutie Marks” Since their weren’t enough “cutie marks” for everyone, we did this game after some guests left.

Get this look:

Find lots of My Little pony birthday supplies at:

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