Halloween party

Halloween party games

Halloween party games can be played at fall birthday parties, church parties, Fall Festivals, School Festivals and of course at Halloween parties. Here are some fun activities / games that my kids love at Halloween time.

Bobbing for apples

Bobbing for apples is always fun when the apples are soaked in a large bucket of water. Halloween can get too cold and too messy to get wet so you can hang the apples from a tree branch, clothes line, porch or anywhere and see who can catch the apple in their mouth first.

Monster Sack

Sack races Halloween style. Use traditional sack bags and decorate them with monster faces, pumpkins, ghosts or anything in a Halloween theme. Then let party guests race while dressed in their Halloween costumes.

Mummy Wrap

Divide the participants up into even groups. Give each group a roll of toilet paper and have them complete to see which team could wrap a mummy/person in toilet paper the fastest.

Halloween feely box

Get a box (tissue box, shoe box, cereal box…) and cut a hole (big enough for a hand to fit through. Fill the box will slimy and gross items and let the kids guess what’s in the box. Here’s some ideas that you can put in the box:

  • Dried apricots – ears
  • Peeled grapes – eyeballs
  • Fuzzy pipe cleaners – spider legs
  • Baby carrots – toes
  • Steamed cauliflower – brains
  • Popcorn kernels – teeth
  • Candy corn – vampire teeth
  • Peeled tomato – heart
  • Cooked noodles – guts
  • Dried pasta – bones
  • Pudding – mud
  • Wet tortilla – skin
  • Potato chips – scabs
  • Canned peaches – liver
  • Cheese sticks – fingers
  • Raisins – warts
  • Corn husk silk – hair
  • Over cooked rice – maggots
  • Canned pear halves – stomach
  • Peanut butter – ear wax
  • Pudding with peas – vomit
  • Licorice vines – rat tails
  • Slivered almonds – finger nails
  • End of a pickle – nose
  • Sliced melon – tongue

Monster chairs

Add monster chair covers to chairs and play Halloween/spooky musical chairs.

Zoombie Game

Choose 1 person to be “it.” Everyone else is “zoombies” that walk around like zoombies. The person that is “it” must try to make a zoombie laugh , smile or giggle with jokes, silly faces, dances…anything is fair game. The first person to laugh / smile is “it.”

Candy Corn Race

Instead of “egg in a spoon,” you use candy corn. Fill up a few small dish with candy corn and divide people into teams (one team per dish of candy corn.) Have the kids fill up a spoon with candy corn then race over to an empty dish on the other side of the room and put in the candy corn. The trick is to do this without your hands! Then race back to your team and give the next person the spoon for their turn. The team to fill up their bowls first wins.

Leave me a comment with your favorite Halloween party games. I’d love to see how creative you can be.