Fidget spinner party ideas

Fidget spinners birthday ideas

I don’t know about your kids, but mine love their fidget spinners. It’s such a simple toy & seems crazy to me that it’s making the big impact as it has.

Fidget spinner party ideas:

If your child wants a fidget spinner party, here’s several ideas from food, decorations and even party supplies to help get you started.

Party Food:

Of course you have to have a fidget spinner cake that spins (Like this one.)

Video from youtube

Cookies in the shape of a fidget spinner that really spin are really cool too.

Video from youtube

fidget spinner cupcake toppers

Cupcakes or cake pops with fidget spinner toppers.

Any kind of rainbow food (skittles, lifesavers, pretzel sticks, gumballs, pretzels) would look great for a fidget spinner party.




Here’s a fidget spinner banner that has red letters, a tie die fidget spinner, a yellow fidget spinner, a green fidget spinner and a gold fidget spinner. You can hang it over your cake table.

Get this Fidget spinner banner


Plates, cups and water bottle labels will dress up any party table. I love the rainbow colors because they resemble all the colors of fidget spinners.

 fidget spinner plates



Balance the fidget spinner

See which guests can hold/balance their spinners on various things (holding in hand, on a finger, a toe, nose, knee, on top of a bottle, fork, softball, then keep finding smaller objects and see what they can spin it on. The person that can spin it on the most items wins.

Make your own fidget spinners

Video from youtube

Spin Toss

Put a bucket/small bowl outside and form a line of contestants. Have each contestant try to toss their fidget spinner into the bucket. If they get their spinner in the bowl, then they move on to the next round. For each round, move the line further back to make it harder to ring the bucket/bowl. The person that can toss their spinner in the bucket from the furthest distance wins.

Spin the bottle

Get a bowl full of silly ideas / questions to have party guests play out when the bottle (or fidget spinner with an arrow on it) lands on them. After they finish their task, they get to spin & the person that the spinner lands on has to pick a task out of the bowl. Keep the questions / tasks simple & fun. Don’t ask personal questions that might embarrass or upset anyone.


Party Favors:

Of course it’s obvious to put fidget spinners in treat bags or you can include a kit to make a fidget spinner.

Water bottle labels:

fidget spinner water bottles

Treat bags:

fidget spinner treat bag


Please share your party ideas in the comments. You can also shop my fidget spinner party supplies to get your party started.