unicorn party must haves

Top 10 Unicorn Party Must Haves

Unicorns are magical and fun. They give us a sense of our silly childhood. No wonder they are so popular for birthday parties and baby showers right now. Here’s 10 of my top Unicorn party must haves and where to get them (just click on the image & it will take you directly to the page to purchase.)

Unicorn Party Must Haves

1. Invitations:

unicorn birthday invitation unicorn birthday invitation

The perfect  invitations are a definite for any party. First impressions say a lot and show a sneak preview of your party so you want them to be perfect.

2. Unicorns:

You can’t have a unicorn party or baby shower without the obvious. Buy unicorn figurines or toys and use them throughout your party for extra decor. When my daughter had her unicorn birthday party 2 months ago, we used her unicorn toys that she already had as centerpieces and decor.

Star lilly magical unicorn (in the first and last photo) moves, makes noises and her horn changes colors! She was in the center of our cake table and the kids loved her. There’s a link to her on the amazon ad (last pic in this paragraph.)

unicorn party

Unicorn head

A faux unicorn head hangs on the wall and adds so much magical unicorn power to the party. You can dress it up by adding some flowers on top of the unicorn’s head or you can leave it as is. Either way this unicorn head makes an awesome impression.

unicorn party

Toy unicorns

Toy unicorns are a great way to save a little money. You can use toys or figurines that you already have to decorate for the party. If you have to purchase unicorns for the party, you can let them double as your child’s gift that they can play with after the party. (Savvy moms have to be creative sometimes.)

3. Banner

Banners really do more at celebrations than we give them credit for. Not only do they say what you to say, they help bring a special mood and act as decorations. Get creative with banners. You don’t have to use them exactly as you purchase / make them. In these pics the banner says “Happy 6th birthday Ryleigh” but I separated it into two banners instead of one. I hung “happy 6th birthday” over the drink station and “Ryleigh” underneath our unicorn head as my main focal point.

“I believe in unicorns” would be a great addition to any unicorn party. You can put it by the party favors or at your main entrance.

unicorn birthday banner

4. Magical plates

I love themed party plates because they keep the party mood flowing while your guests are talking / playing. Every time you take a bite of food, you see the beautiful plates & are constantly reminded of the theme.

unicorn birthday plates

5. Pinatas

Pinatas are one of my favorite must haves for any birthday party. These two unicorn pinatas are absolutely beautiful and go with any unicorn party theme. Plus if you use a pinata instead of individual treat bags, you can save lots of time by not counting & filling treat bags vs. RSVP’s.

6. Unicorn food


No matter what color icing you use for the cupcakes, whether it’s pink or rainbow, sparkly gold unicorn cupcake toppers would look great on top of them. You can also use unicorn horns like the second picture by using white candy melts inside the first 3 seashells in last pic.

I choose cupcakes instead of cake because they’re easy and cheaper than most fancy cakes. I love cake, but love the idea of letting each party guest pick up a cupcake instead of waiting for me to cut them a piece. They’re not as messy either. It doesn’t take much time at all to put the cupcake toppers in and they look so elegant. We were able to serve vanilla and chocolate cupcakes so everyone could choose the flavor they wanted.

unicorn cupcake toppers

Unicorn candle

This unicorn candle is my absolute favorite unicorn must have. It’s stunning and comes in white or pink.

This candle comes from China. They ship it out quickly, but it did take awhile to get to the US. I loved this candle so much that I waited for it to get to the US before I sent out my invites. I would have postponed our party to wait for this candle!

unicorn cupcakes


Unicorn bark:

unicorn bark

(recipe coming soon)

7. Unicorn Party favors

Unicorn necklaces are a great way to make the party quests feel extra special with a unicorn of their own that they can wear. Hand them out at the beginning of the party to make the kids feel extra special or put them in your treat bags for keepsakes.

Another fun party favor is unicorn horns, mane & tail. Kids love dressing like unicorns. You can make them yourself or check out the fourth picture for a horn & mane. This was a big hit at our party.


8. Whimsical Table cloth

unicorn party

This table cloth seems to add magic to the whole decor. I love the way it flows. This was a project I decided to tackle myself since they are very expensive to purchase. I bought white tulle from ebay, wrapped it around a box, cut two ends then tied them on elastic ribbon. It was very easy to make & much more cost effective. I really think this tulle table cloth makes the party decor complete.

9. Unicorn signs will help bring the magic alive.

unicorn sign unicorn sign unicorn sign - make your own magic unicorn sign

I like to use different party themed signs and place them everywhere to help direct guests to certain activities and to just help them feel the unicorn magic.

10. Balloons

Balloons are a basic party must-have. Unicorn balloons are even more of a unicorn party must-have. All you need is a few unicorn shaped balloons and some solid colored balloons or marble balloons (as shown in the second photo.)

Be creative with the balloons. You hang white balloons upside down from the ceiling to make them look like clouds and hang a few unicorn balloons and maybe even a rainbow balloon to make it look like unicorns are coming inside.

You can also use balloons as the main backdrop. Balloons are super fun so be sure to have some extras that the kids can play with.

That’s my top ten unicorn must-haves. If you’re interested in any of these items, just click on the photo & it will take you directly to a page where you can see prices & purchase them. Take a look at all my unicorn birthday party supplies.