team umizoomi plates and cups

Team Umizoomi birthday party

My cousins son wanted a Team Umizoomi birthday party back in 2014 but they had trouble finding any Team Umizoomi birthday party supplies. So they asked me to create some just for him, which was fun for me.

Since his favorite color was blue, I used it through out the decor. I started off by making his invitations and even put his photo inside of Bot’s belly screen. His Umizoomi invitations say “2-4-6-8 Everybody Celebrate Peyton’s 5th Birthday”

Umizoomi invitation

Every birthday party needs a cool birthday banner. Here’s Peyton’s Team Umizoomi banner:

It wasn’t easy to find a cake at that time but they came up with this adorable cake anyway.

I made plates just like these for him with his photo inside of Bot’s belly screen. (Sorry, I can’t find his actual plate photo. I should have blogged his party a lot sooner.)

Team Umizoomi plates and cups

Since 2014, I’ve had several people ask for more items to match this decor like treat bags, water bottle labels and cupcake toppers. I’ve even made this same theme in pink and another design with colorful balloons. All of my Team Umizoomi birthday party supplies are personalized and handmade so they never go out of stock.

Here’s some of my favorite Team Umizoomi party supplies and the link directly to them:

umizoomi plates cups and banner

umizoomi plates cups and banner

Team Umizoomi water bottle labels

umizoomi party in a box

team umizoomi centerpieces

umizoomi cupcake toppers

I add new party decor all the time.  Shop all of my Team Umizoomi birthday party supplies too. I’d love to see your Team Umizoomi birthday photos. Send me a link to them in the comments.