Doc McStuffins favor bags

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These Doc McStuffins favor bags are a great way to dress up your next Doc McStuffins birthday party. They come in purple chevron print and have a band-aid on the back with “birthday party facts.”

Doc McStuffins favor bags come as a digital image that you print as many as you’d like.

How to make your Doc McStuffins favor bags:


You will also need:
• scissors
• card stock paper

  1. Save your file on your computer (mobile devices don’t always work)
  2. Open the file in Adobe Acrobat
  3. Print on card stock paper
  4. Cut out your Doc McStuffins favor tags (2 fit on one page)
  5. Fold them in half then staple them on top of a sandwich size zip lock bag (make sure your goodies are in the bags first.)


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