Make your own digital Doc McStuffins party pack


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Make your own Doc McStuffins party pack.

It’s time for your party, time for your party with this Doc McStuffins Party Package that comes with coordinating personalized decorations to give you a great birthday party. Now you can personalize your Doc McStuffins birthday party without spending a fortune. The Doc McStuffins party package comes decorated in purple chevron print, pink chevron print, blue chevron print and white chevron print Doc McStuffins images and logos, and your child’s name & age.

Pick 5 of the following items of this Doc McStuffins birthday party package to make your own party pack: (each bullet counts as one item)

• 12 Cupcake toppers with different designs that print on one 8.5×11 page. (Fits Avery 22807 labels)
• 1 Banner that says “Happy Birthday”
• 4 Food labels / Food Tents that are blank.
• 1 Water Bottle Labels that say “Happy Birthday” – fits 16 oz water bottles
• 2 Signs – that can be printed on 8×10 or 8.5×11 size paper. One says “Welcome to ____’s ___ birthday party.” and one says “Happy ___ Birthday Doc _____”
• 1 candy bar wrapper in purple chevron print
• 4 cupcake wrappers in purple, pink, blue and white chevron prints with Doc McStuffins on each one.
• 2 Plate labels that are 5.5″ round and can go on balloons, walls, T-Shirts, plates and doors as signs. They come in pink and purple chevron print.
• 2 cup labels that are 2″ round and come in pink and purple chevron print. (Fits Avery 22807 labels)
• 2 Favor bag toppers. They are 4″ x 6.5″ and can be printed on card stock paper, folded then stapled on ziploc bags for treat bags.
• 2 Thank you tags that are 2.5″ round and come in pink and purple chevron print.
• 1 Center piece that has Doc McStuffins, Stuffy, Chilly, Lamby, and Haley and your child’s name inside of Doc McStuffins bandaid logo. It fits an 8.5×11 sheet of paper.  comes with coordinating personalized decorations to give you a great birthday party.

Can’t choose 5 items? That’s okay, get the whole party pack here:

Print as many as you need! (No printed materials will be shipped!) These are SIMPLE to make and make such a great impression! Just open file, print, cut!

Print these cupcake toppers on greeting card paper or photo paper, cut them out with scissors or a 2 inch circle punch, attach to a stick, and then stick inside your cupcakes!


Print them as stickers (Avery label # 8165) and cut with scissors or a 2 inch circle punch then attach to:
• seal envelopes
• put on balloons
• put them on jars of party food
• on the front of paper cups
• on treat bags

Set your printer at the HIGHEST / BEST QUALITY. (Standard and Fast/Draft printing will NOT produce the best results.)
Deselect Scaling, otherwise images will be made to fit the page by default., by shrinking or enlarging the image.

Paper to print on:

Use Any full size sheet of sticker paper for:

candy bar wrappers
water bottle labels
cupcake wrappers

Use Avery 22807 labels for:

cupcake toppers

Use card stock or photo paper for the remaining items.

Card stock or Photo paper works great for these items.

Sticker paper like, Avery 8165 also works well for plates, cups, water bottles and candy bar wrappers.

You will also need:
• scissors
• tape
• ribbon for banner
• hole puncher for banner (you can also use tape)
• stapler / hot glue for favor bags


How to order:

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  2. Check your email for printable party pack.