Printing Tips:

Decided that you want to print my party decor items by yourself? No problem. I make printing at home a breeze with these easy printing tips:

Printing Tips:

  1. Save your files on a computer (mobile devices don’t always work properly.)
  2. Open your .pdf file in Adobe Acrobat
  3. Open your .jpeg file in your standard photo printer (the one that comes with your computer is fine)
  4. Put in desired paper
  5. Print (actual size)

Set your printer at the HIGHEST / BEST QUALITY. (Standard and Fast/Draft printing will NOT produce the best results.)
Deselect Scaling, otherwise images will be made to fit the page by default., by shrinking or enlarging the image.

Recommended Papers to use

Use Any full size sheet of sticker paper for:

  • plates
  • candy bar wrappers
  • water bottle labels
  • cupcake wrappers
  • Thank you tags
  • 3″ labels
  • dessert plates
  • 2.5″ labels

Use Avery 22807 labels for:

  • cups
  • cupcake toppers
  • 2″ labels

Use card stock or photo paper for:

  • favor bag toppers
  • banners
  • signs
  • food tents
  • centerpieces

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