mermaid birthday party supplies

Mermaid birthday party

mermaid birthday party  mermaid birthday party supplies

mermaid invitation  mermaid invitation mermaid invitation

My daughter loves mermaids and wanted to have another mermaid party for her birthday this year. Since this was her second mermaid party I wanted it to be magical so we used glitter and gold to add an extra special touch.

Invitation #1

Invitation #2:

Invitation #3

mermaid potion sign and tags

We served “mermaid potion” that sat beside a sign that told you that it would turn you into a mermaid if you drank it. The potion bottles were wrapped with shiny gold ribbon and had sparkly gold tags that said “mermaid potion.”

Mermaid potion and tags:

believe in mermaids sign forever a mermaid sign

My daughter wanted me to make a sign that says “Believe in Mermaids” because she does & wants everyone else to believe too. I also made some 5×7 signs that said “Just keep swimming,” Forever a Mermaid” and “Advice from a Mermaid.” I decorated the tables with these signs.

Mermaid signs:

sea cookies     advice from a mermaid sign

Mother's Day 2017

We had fresh cotton candy and concession stand buttery popcorn made when guests arrived (thanks to my oldest daughter and her friends.) Guests were greeted with “Mermaids Welcome” decals on the front door with mermaids, shells and sea horses.

Advice from a mermaid sign:

Mermaid Party Food:

mermaid plates and napkins Our under the sea food was served on these adorable plates & napkins I found at Birthday Express.

mermaid cups I made my own cup stickers that said “Happy 5th Birthday Ryleigh” to match the plates and add some personalization.

Here’s what we ate & how I served it:

  • Sea cookies (homemade)
  • Sea wands (pretzel rods)
  • Mermaid Tails (jello cups with mermaid tails glued on spoon)
  • Cake from Our Daily Bread
  • Sea Snails (pigs in a blanket – big hit)
  • Sea Pearls (sixlets)
  • Sea shells (homemade candy. I found the candy mold and melts at Joanne Fabrics)
  • Clams (yum)
  • Seashells (bugles)

sea cookies sea wands mermaid tails mermaid party food mermaid cake mermaid party food mermaid party food mermaid party food seashell candy mermaid party food mermaid party food

Under the Sea Drink Station

mermaid party favors

I made the mermaid banner and put it above the drink table.


mermaid water bottle labels mermaid party favors

Water bottle labels:


Mermaid potion and tags:

Mermaid Decor:

mermaid centerpiece I made this adorable centerpiece to match everything else.

mermaid party decor I fell in love with these decals I found at Birthday Express and designed the whole party around them.

Mermaid Party Plan B…

After several weeks of planning and watching the weather, I decided to rent a bounce house for the kids. I had everything set up outside with hopes of making clean up easier. Unfortunately, an hour before the party began, it started raining and raining. I had to rush to get everything inside, dried off and set up indoors and had to come up with “Plan B.” We ended up having an indoor dance party in my daughter’s room and games set up in my living room for the older kids.

20160206_144951Everyone had a great time even without the bounce house 🙂 and my daughter will be  “forever a mermaid” forever a mermaid sign

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