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Candyland / Sweet Shoppe Birthday Party

This is the sweetest birthday ever! I recently had the pleasure of working on Sweet Shoppe birthday party decor for a second birthday party. This candyland style party was decorated in hot pink, aqua, purple, yellow and orange.

The invitations:

Guests were invited with these very sweet lollipop style invitations, complete with a colorful bow and bright shiny rhinestone in the center.

lollipop birthday invitations

lollipop invitations: http://personalizedpartiesplus.com/product/lollipop-birthday-invitations/

Welcome to Cailee’s Sweet Shoppe:

Everyone was welcomed to this candy land style party with beautiful candy decor and giant candy pieces. Each chair was wrapped in hot pink satin and the tables were topped with aqua clothes. The centerpieces were made to look like giant pieces of candy.

sweet shoppe welcome signcandyland birthday party candyland birthday party sweet shoppe birthday party candyland birthday party

The table was set up with hot pink plates, chevron print cup, rainbow stripes and my favorite: a mini hot pink gumball machine with a tag attached that says “Thanks for coming to Cailee’s Sweet Shoppe.”

Welcome Sign: http://personalizedpartiesplus.com/product/sweet-shoppe-welcome-sign/



 The Cake Table:

What better way to celebrate a sweet shoppe party than with a giant hot pink gumball cake and colorful banner that says “Caliee’s Sweet Shoppe?” There were all kinds of goodies on this table like candy apples, doughnut holes (with cute cupcake toppers I made) candy shaped cookies, and much more.

sweet shoppe cake sweet shoppe cake table sweet shoppe cake tablegumball food tentssweet shoppe birthday party sweet shoppe birthday party sweet shoppe water bottle labels

It’s super easy for kids to have a big sugar overload with all these sweets which is why I love this dish of toothbrushes that are on the cake table and say “For your sweet tooth”

Banner: http://personalizedpartiesplus.com/product/sweet-shoppe-banner/

Food Tents: http://personalizedpartiesplus.com/product/candyland-food-tents/

Cupcake / Cake pop Toppers: http://personalizedpartiesplus.com/product/sweet-shoppe-cupcake-toppers/

Water bottle labels: http://personalizedpartiesplus.com/product/rainbow-water-bottle-labels/

sweet tooth

Gift Center

Sweet Shoppe Signs:

il_570xN.759873003_p78b sweet shoppe signs sweet shoppe signs

Welcome Sign: http://personalizedpartiesplus.com/product/sweet-shoppe-welcome-sign/

Thank you sign: http://personalizedpartiesplus.com/product/sweet-shoppe-thank-you-sign/

2 Sweet sign: http://personalizedpartiesplus.com/product/2-sweet-sign/


Cupcakes are always great, but even more fun when you can decorate them yourself and celebrate with a clown!

sweet shoppe cupcakessweet shoppe birthday party

Cupcake decorating sign: http://personalizedpartiesplus.com/product/cupcake-decorating-sign/

The present table:

What a great way to end this special celebration then for the birthday girl to open & enjoy her presents. The smile on her face makes a GREAT party!

sweet shoppe birthday party icm_fullxfull.60556554_fie5zdr1lrwc08cccsgw icm_fullxfull.60558803_cebgzw4o8fkskgcwggsg

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